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Pants Not Required: Telecommuting Like A Boss

Get together and network with fellow telecommuters or those interested in telecommuting. Learn how to be more successful, improve productivity and increase your visibility in your company. For those interested in becoming a remote employee learn how to best pitch the idea to your boss, ideas for how to set yourself up to show accountability and productivity and help ease any concerns from management. Come to the SXSW meet up with your favorite pants on and learn how to telecommute like a boss!

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  1. How do I propose telecommuting to my boss? How do I ensure I end up being recognized for my work and treated like every other employee in the company?
  2. How do I maintain a presence in a company when I am not present? How can I be a productive telecommuter and prove it to my boss?
  3. What are the common pitfalls and misconceptions of telecommuting and how can I avoid and combat them?



Maytal Dahan, Mgr, Texas Advanced Computing Center

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