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The Non-Profit Narrative

Stories withstand the test of time and have the ability to connect us with information and emotions that we can't easily compartmentalize. Are you communicating the story of your organization in a way that inspires or pounding the pavement for more donations?

Dan will outline how to set up a system to measure impact and connection for your organization's story, which is crucial in bridging the gap from gimmick to sincerity. With this system in place, your organization will be in a prime position to double online giving year after year.


  1. How can I better communicate the story of my organization?
  2. How can I setup my organization's communication strategy for the next 12 months?
  3. How can I build a communications strategy that addresses cultivation and acquisition at the same time?
  4. How do I galvanize my staff to think like storytellers when communicating our mission?
  5. How do we take our audience along on our journey?



Dan Portnoy, Head Honcho, Portnoy Media Group

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