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Home Swapping - Seeing and Sharing The World

Over the past five years we (two experienced German journalists) travelled the globe by swapping their Berlin apartment with people from all over the world. Sometimes for a weekend (Copenhagen), sometimes for three months (Oakland). Although started by teachers in the 1950s, home swapping became much easier through online platforms. It is the perfect example of a real "sharing economy" and offers the opportunity of human connection and to travel the world in an authentic, non-touristy fashion.

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  1. How does home swapping work and what are best practices and the most important dos and don'ts?
  2. How can home swapping be an valuable example for a true and sustainable sharing economy?
  3. What were the personal experiences - and challenges - of the speakers, while they swapped themselves around the globe?



Christoph Koch, Journalist, Freelance

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