AI: Good for You and Here to Stay

In this session, Ad Age Marketing Technology Trailblazer and Epsilon Chief Digital Officer, Agency, Tom Edwards will share the new 4P's (Psychographics, Predictive APIs, Proxies and Pervasive Intelligent Systems) he developed to address the rapid adoption of intelligent systems. Tom will discuss the transition from mobile-first to AI-first marketing, the rise of proxy web and how computer vision enabled experiences will lead to mass adoption of augmented reality at scale.

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  1. What is the current state of artificial intelligence, in terms of the impact of intelligent systems in our daily lives?
  2. How have the 4P's in marketing evolved from Product/Price/Place/Promotion to Psychographics/Predictive APIs/Proxies/Pervasive Intelligent Systems?
  3. What is the future state of AI and what possibilities can ambient computing, brain-controlled interfaces and quantum computing bring?



Britta Petersen, Dir, PR, Epsilon

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