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Graduating Problem Solvers to Fix the Workplace

After 20 years leading frog design, I saw the workplace evolve to require new skills. While proficient in their craft, recent grads lacked problem-solving and collaboration skills necessary to succeed. The modern work environment has too few trained designers despite the many benefits a multi-disciplinary team of design thinkers can bring. Design has become a buzz-word, but it means more than creating products. The human-centric approach has the power to affect real societal change.

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  1. To define what design and design thinking mean in the context of achieving business objectives.
  2. How educators can start to build cross-disciplinary, project-based design thinking curriculum to support students of all disciplines post graduation.
  3. How design thinking and human design thinking principles improve all areas of society from business to education and healthcare.



Nada Dorman, Sr Communications Strategist, 1980

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