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B2B: Seriously? Your Customers Deserve Better

Due to elevated customer expectations, online self-service is becoming a must for B2B companies. Empowering your customers to answer their most common questions will increase retention, improve satisfaction, and differentiate you as a supplier. How do you get there? We will explore the principles of a great online self-service experience, learn from companies that have taken this journey and discuss the steps that you can take to kick start changes on your end.

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  1. Why is Self-Service important?
  2. How can B2B companies implement self-service effectively?
  3. How do I gain insight into my customers' most common questions?
  4. How do I use my customer data effectively?
  5. How can I break through traditional B2B challenges to achieve self-service?



Gioacchino Loquercio, eCRM Product Manager, National Instruments

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