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Book Talks: Animoto, Popplet & Student Videos

In under an hour, beginner and intermediate IPad and PC users will explore Popplet, Animoto and student-video making (including Blabberize!) to determine its use for student-created products that indicate learning and mastery of content from literature and curriculum texts. Rubistar will be be shown as a viable tool to assess both creativity and content of the student-products. The audience will, by the end of the hour, create their own student-product and analyze it using a rubric for a grade.
Through this hands-on workshop, educators will leave the session with at least three valuable tools to employ immediately in the classroom!
The presenters have experience leading these hands-on workshops and ensuring that even the most novice user is comfortable and capable with the tools by the end of the session.
Join us for fun and creative ways of ensuring your students "get it" and gain multiple ways to produce content-based and curriculum-driven products!

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. How can I improve student engagement with literature and curriculum texts?
  2. All these cute videos are fun, but how do I know if the student "got it"?
  3. How do I assess student products in this digital world, making sure they cover content AND creativity?



Cathleen Ash, Library Media Teacher, Manor High School

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