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The Billion Dollar Idea: Going from Concept to Rea

Rachel Tipograph had an idea. While running global social and digital marketing at Gap, the CMO challenged her to drive sales on the web without annoying people—a problem whose solution he said would be worth a billion dollars. She left her job to create MikMak, which bridges the gap between traditional ecommerce and social video. Get Rachel’s hands-on advice on how to do the hard work of taking what’s inside your head and making it work in the world.

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  1. What are the practical challenges in creating a digital startup in a new space?
  2. With consumer behavior changing, how can you take advantage of new gaps in the market?
  3. How do you decide where you need to compromise your initial vision, and where to stay firm?



William Matalene, Global Mktg & Strategic Partnerships, Interbrand

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