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A Hearable Future: Sound As Interface

Dolby Chief Scientist Poppy Crum explores the untapped potential of our ears and the totally unique, omnidirectional, closed loop capabilities of sound that will drive the future success of AR/VR, Gaming, Immersive Computing and more. Beyond Alexa and Google Home, find out how signal processing, speech recognition, sensors and sound generation will shape tomorrow’s hottest technologies, helping us seamlessly integrate more information into our world with far less distraction.

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  1. With so much emphasis on visual experiences, why is the ear often ignored as critical bi-directional hub between the end user and the external world?
  2. How can sound help us better understand user state, environment and context and allow us to optimize and customize experiences dynamically?
  3. How will new technologies that leverage the power of sound & the ear change the way we connect, consume information, communicate, live, work and play?



Leigh Durst, IEEE

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