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Redefining Engagement Tech & Civic Participation

The internet has transformed industries ranging widely from music to travel to retail, but in 2013 the way we govern ourselves continues to conform to the practices that early citizen farmers would recognize. Technology is making it possible to fundamentally reframe the way we can engage with each other and with the representatives elected to represent us in government, but this potential to redefine governance practices is yet to be fully realized. This panel is a conversation between participants representing tech companies, non-profits and the government about the future of technology, government and civic engagement.

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  1. As the technology community turns its attention to improving governance, what lessons are they learning about building technology for citizen engagement in local, state and federal governments?
  2. What are the current barriers facing government wishing to implement new technological solutions?
  3. How are governments changing the way they build and use technology?
  4. What are the most innovative tech projects out there for federal, state and local governments?
  5. What does the future hold for citizen engagement, technology and government,



Anthea Strong, Sr. Project Manager, Google

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