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Five Use-Cases Defining VR and Mixed Reality

From the Rift and Vive to Playstation and the Gear -- on to emerging players like Meta, Magic Leap And HoloLens -- VR and AR or Mixed Reality are positioned to deeply change our culture and relationship with both the digitized world and ourselves. Who will be the leaders and who will be left behind? Which economic forces will be most important in this, and how can we predict sales and adoption? We’ll address and debate the role of empathy and immersive story-telling; of mobile and gaming in VR; the current and coming evolution of smart phones and headsets -- and touch on the role of automotive, 360 degree cameras, and drones in this new reality.

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  1. Why will Mixed Reality be 10 times bigger than VR ?
  2. How will social VR deeply change what we think of as gaming?
  3. What are the deeper implications of mobile-based VR and why will it be how most of us experience VR?



Kevin O'Malley, Pres, TechTalk/Studio

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