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Cultivating The New Minority Entrepreneur

Right under our noses a new generation of minority entrepreneurs are crafting business ideas and refining their hustles. Comprising roughly 40% of Gen Y, the next generation up-and-comers, Blacks and Latinos have a disproportionate inclination toward entrepreneurship. A Kaufmann Foundation policy brief, Young Invincibles, found that 65% of Latinos and 64% of Blacks aged 18 – 34 wanted to start a business vs. 45% of whites.
This panel aims to explore the changing Gen Y minority entrepreneurship paradigm.

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  1. What are the unique differences, if any between Gen Y minority entrepreneurs and the Baby Boomer generation?
  2. What are a few srategies for cultivating minority entrepreneurship clusters or epicenters? What ingredients are needed to create an eco-system that supports minority entrepreneurs?
  3. Why must the new generation make the successful leap from B-to-G to B-to-C or B-to-B, areas where minority businesses typically experience the greatest challenges
  4. What are the biggest challenges to securing early seed financial and social capital to invest in ideas and entrepreneurs?
  5. If you teach a 15 year old how to be successful in business, how would it differ from what your parents taught you?



Natalie Cofield, President , Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce

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