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How Tech Companies Can Give Back to Communities

How can technology and tech companies help to make the world a better place? How can a networked society best empower change-makers? What are some of the best -- and worst -- practices of tech companies who have attempted this? How have they worked? Given these best practices, and failures, what kind of more innovative models might we see in the future about giving back? How can game-changing technologies and disruptive innovations like drones, sensors and the sharing economy bring the power to improve our lives? And what are the best practices that allow “Technology for Good” to authentically come into play with both the bottom line and corporate responsibility and community engagement?


  1. How can our new networked technologies solve many of the world’s most stubborn social and economic problems?
  2. What is Disruptive Innovation for Good?
  3. How can the increased connectivity and big data provided by the Internet of Things enable positive change – from health to smarter cities?



Kevin O'Malley, Pres, TechTalk/Studio

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