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Storytelling: The Next Wave of Engagement

Social Media is evolving and storytelling is going to be next great tool to engage customers. Not sure you know what we mean?

Most of today’s content strategies involve publishing hundred of bits of content per month across social networks, without any cohesive story or narrative behind the content. These random pieces of information tell a story to your fans and customers, whether intended or not.

Are you telling the right brand story?

This hands-on session will help you:

· Identify the genre or type of story that you want to tell
· Develop a monthly story arc in your content calendar
· Create compelling, interesting characters your customers will want to engage
· Invite your customers to be in your story
· Frame your story within the Facebook Timeline layout

Attendees will gain skills in storytelling techniques and a framework for developing a monthly content calendar/storyboard to involve customers more deeply in their brand stories.


  1. How do we evolve social marketing from delivering engagement activities to deeply involving our customers in our brand story?
  2. How can my brand become a deeper part of my customer's personal stories?
  3. What are the benefits of storytelling in social media and relationship marketing?
  4. How do I develop a content calendar with a story arc?
  5. How do I develop a consistent tone & character 'voice' to engage with my customers and fans as part of our shared story experience?



Mark Williams, Director, Community Programming, LiveWorld

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