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The Female Image in Music & Art: #BeYourOwnMuse

#BeYourOwnMuse is a meet up where women will discuss their concerns about their representation in entertainment. The goal is to collaboratively find solutions to this issue in order to empower, inspire and help manifest more diverse and accurate content for and about women. The entertainment industry is still very male-dominated, and it doesn’t reflect the true scope of the female experience. There is no doubt that women are visually present in entertainment, but our stories are limited and limiting. It’s time for the industry to make space for female voices, to enable us to be the subject rather than the object, and to be in full control of our own image.

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  1. What do you think it means for women to be the subject of art rather then the object?
  2. What do you think needs to change about the way women are represented in music, art and entertainment?
  3. What do you hope for in the future of female driven art, music and entertainment?



Nina Fernandez, Asst Dir of Events, Conquer Entertainment

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