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Story Is The World Force

Story is the hot new buzz but it's more than just a word, just a hip term. It's something at the core of our being. Authentic. It's people craving connection. Story. Not just technologically.. not just physically .. authentically. People crave honest, real, connection. Story is one of the ways we do that. There's a dialogue that happening. It occurs in many forms. On the internet, face-to-face, on stage, at work, at home, at school. We're each looking for the honest, genuine.


  1. How can the truth of the story reveal the truth of ourselves to one another?
  2. How are we changing our personal narrative to reflect the future?
  3. Why does it even matter that we tell our stories to one another?
  4. How can we achieve authenticity in our daily lives? in our work?
  5. What really matters and how can we make that real?



Lynne Duddy, Chief Instigator, Portland Story Theater

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