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Saving the Couch Potatoes:the Cloud-y Future of TV

Over half of TV consumers today use their mobile devices while watching TV (Pew Research, This trend will likely accelerate as mobile experience keeps improving and most TVs are stuck in the 80s. With the attention shifting away from the big screen, new ways to keep the viewers engaged are necessary.
In this session we will teach you the skills to save the TV and the couch potatoes. We will cover software techniques required to build amazing mobile + TV experiences, emerging standards in this area, and platforms that enable it in a cost-effective, scalable and profitable way. During the session, we will introduce several beautiful mobile and TV demos by YouTube and Google TV partners and cover their experience with the platform. We will teach you the skills required to use the YouTube and Google TV APIs to build your own apps.
If you are a content creator, a content network, or a software developer who cares about video this session is for you.

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  1. I am a content creator and I do worry about the young kids not watching TV anymore. How do I build amazing mobile and TV experience around my content to keep them interested?
  2. I am a software developer. What APIs are there to enable 2nd screen applications?
  3. I am a content network. How do I monetize my content using YouTube on mobile and Google TV devices?
  4. Are there any standards to enable communications between mobile devices and smart TVs?
  5. Big data is all the rage these days. What type of analytics can I collect if I build an app using the YouTube mobile and Google TV APIs you are covering in this session?



Jarek Wilkiewicz, YouTube Developer Advocate, YouTube/Google

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