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Getting Some Love For Your Ugly Viral Video Baby

Not all branded viral videos are the built the same. Some have plenty of gas in the engine to fly far on their own. For those videos that don't, there's still lots that can be done to get them out there. In this Duel presentation, representatives from Dailymotion, the worlds 2nd largest video platform and Razorfish, the leading international digital innovation agency will discuss successful tactics for getting people to watch when there isn't much TO watch. From PYT (pre YouTube) to today, these speakers bring a unique and experienced point of view to the table.

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  1. What are some new ways to get my branded content out there?
  2. Do I need a huge supporting media budget to get those views?
  3. Can't I just buy the views?
  4. Is this still considered earned media?
  5. How can I do a lot with a little?



Sara Lovern, Sales Director, Dailymotion

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