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The Future of Retail Is In Your Apartment

20-40% of items in the average closet are largely unworn. In the UK alone, female shoppers own over 500 million articles of clothing worth over $2.5B USD ($1.6B GBP) that they will never wear. Self-storage is a $20B dollar industry - and growing. How can we mobilize, and monetize, all of this unused stuff?

In this session, Jonathan Ehrlich, co-founder of Copious, will talk about the potential market for harnessing this mass of pristine yet scattered inventory, and how to empower individual consumers to make it happen.


  1. How big is the market for individuals selling stuff they already own?
  2. How can we mobilize, and monetize, all of this unused stuff?
  3. What are some of the challenges entrepreneurs trying to tap into this market face?
  4. What companies play in this market today?
  5. How is this any different from eBay?


  • Jonathan Ehrlich, Co-Founder, Copious


Emma Starks, Communications Manager, Copious

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