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Connecting Your Internet Footprint Yields Results

The Internet is about connecting the dots. The key is once someone is attracted to what you have to offer you then keep them engaged as long as possible, with the goal of converting them into a customer and ultimately a sale. You accomplish this by linking them to as many of your sites as possible. "Connecting the Dots” is designed to help you utilize your social media and Internet channels to increase engagement, branding and traffic to your site. This will help you convert fans to customers and generate increased revenue.


  1. As an artist you are a brand. Many sites offer you the opportunity to monetize your music; but are you capitalizing on your brand?
  2. Where are you sending your traffic?
  3. Do you intertwine lifestyle marketing into your social media to increase your revenue streams?



Michele Molinaro, Internet Marketer, Net2Malls Services

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