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Conversations on Diversity with Young Learners

With a dedicated focus on exploration of thought and practice, this session will create a dedicated space for the sharing of stories on topics of diversity and social emotional learning with early elementary students. Join in this much-needed conversation to explore how classrooms of today are empowering young learners through lessons of empathy, cultural literacy, perspective-taking, and shared experience to create pathways for peace and unity. Through interactive discussions, design thinking activities, and review of literary exemplars, this session will encourage educators to reflect on where we are now and open conversation on where we can and should go next.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Share ways diversity is exhibited inside and outside of the classroom and how to further a young child’s understanding through literacy/discussion.
  2. Drive discussions on approaches and misconceptions or struggles around social emotional learning teaching practices.
  3. Explore children’s literacy that promote diversity in its many forms.



Jennifer Williams, Literacy Specialist/Professor, Calliope Global

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