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From Artist to Mogul: DIY Lifestyle Marketing

The music industry has experienced a major paradigm shift, moving away from the traditional and toward the self-managed artist. There is an increase in the “middle class artist,” with many DIY platforms leading the way. Both major artist “brands” and startups alike are taking on self-management, by identifying powerful new income streams. This panel will cover how artists at any level can support their brand themselves, assemble a team, and generate income. Lifestyle marketing allows artists to create an alternative revenue stream by sharing trends they love, products they use, and personal experiences, building the relationship from fans to customers.

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  1. How do I self-manage my career and still successfully build my brand, distribute my music, and market myself to engage my audience?
  2. How do I create alternative revenue streams to generate an income from my activities in the music industry?
  3. What is lifestyle marketing and how do I use social media and the internet to capitalize on it?



Amanda Ridinger, Chief Operating Officer, Conquer Entertainment

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