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New Revenue Streams & Mobile Tech To Facilitate

There is much talk surrounding artists not making the needed money to build and sustain a career specifically from the Sale/Streaming of their music. The industry is evolving and the pay structure that artists have been used to dealing with is gone. It has become more about listeners having "access versus ownership" which means new revenue streams are critical in order for today's artists to build a career, Lifestyle Merchandising is not new, but the tech to facilitate it quickly and easily from a mobile device is. Simply put, we attach products to artists and allow them to have an endorsement style relationship and generate income from the sale of these products. Via a Mobile App.


  1. What is Lifestyle Merchandising?
  2. How can an artist apply this to their career quickly, cost effectively and with very little setup?
  3. I don't want to be viewed as always pushing product to my fans or as a "Commercial Sellout" How will this affect my brand as an artist?



Jorgen Bailey, Managing Dir, Conquer Entertainment

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