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Apps of the Future: Instagram for Cyborgs

Just six years ago, most of us had never encountered an “iPhone app”. Today, we spend the majority of our online time interacting with them. What will mobile apps mean to us in another six years?

The advent of futuristic technologies like artificial intelligence and wearable computing will have profound implications for mobile software. In this session, I will discuss the technological advances that will shape our lives over the next two decades, and how mobile apps will evolve as a result. We’ll travel forward through time in 5-year increments, with predictions of the fundamental technologies that will become widely available at each step, and the apps that will leverage these advancements to enhance our daily lives.

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  1. What are the current trends in science and technology that will shape our future?
  2. What fundamental technological advancements can we expect to see in the next 20 years?
  3. How will mobile apps change as a result of these technological advancements?
  4. Are these just the fantasies of a sci-fi geek?
  5. How are these predictions relevant for app developers today?



Prerna Gupta, CEO, Khush (part of Smule)

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