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Is it Local?: Scaling Local Infrastructures

Amidst a failing national economy, entrepreneurs and consumers are turning to local businesses to fuel job growth, provide access to inventory and generate revenues to boost local economies. Startups like Uber, Cabulous, Get It Now, Cherry and have developed local infrastructure businesses that tap into inventory and workforces already existent in your city. But, can they scale?

This conversation will address three specific topics: 1) why local infrastructure has emerged as a new “trend” 2) what markets these businesses will succeed best in 3) how to scale while balancing supply and demand.

Bastian and Steve will discuss strategies, lessons learned and what it looks like to roll out in new cities. They’ll also answer whether it’s possible to build a framework whereupon businesses can plug in growth and market variables such as size of a city, local topography, hourly wages, access to public transportation, etc or whether they’re just flying by the seat of their pants.

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  1. How do local infrastructure startups differ from web giants like Amazon and Zappos?
  2. Is it possible to predict demand in a new market based on historic data?
  3. Can a startup activate new markets remotely?
  4. What’s more important in scaling a business so dependent of local resources: the technology or the human workforce?
  5. How do balance supply and demand and consistently provide a stellar customer experience?



Bastian Lehmann, Co-founder and CEO, Postmates

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