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Disruption That Works

Why do some tech companies manage digital disruption so well, while others miss the mark? It’s not due to individual genius or the ability to chase the latest trend. It’s because they have a strategy that works.

In this workshop, you’ll learn why, in tech, it’s no longer enough to exploit new innovations—like AI, machine learning, and big data—and beat your competitors to market. The companies that win again and again do it by developing adaptive, fluid strategies that are built on the strengths they already have. You’ll walk away with an agile, decentralized approach to strategy that addresses identity, culture, costs, and gives you the power to execute your next big idea.


  1. Why are some companies managing digital disruption so well, while others are missing the mark?
  2. How can my company leverage its capabilities in order to shape the future rather than coast on past success?
  3. How can I close the gap between innovative ideas and tactical execution?


  • Casey Kirkpatrick, PwC


Elizabeth Barrett, Mktg Mgr, Liaison Creative+Marketing

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