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Toddlers & Technology

As today’s children are practically born digital, it comes as no surprise that this generation is the most tech-savvy yet. Now, with more than half of all US children having access to a mobile device- such as a smartphone, video iPods, or tablet, these gadgets are bridging the gap between entertainment and learning and between adult and child. In its Play Lab, Fisher-Price found 6-month-olds batting at iPhone screens, 9-month-olds swiping, and 12-month-olds pointing out objects and recognizing the location and function of the home button. Together with insights on translating traditional engaging play onto on-screen apps, Fisher-Price toy producers and industrial designers developed its category-defining Apptivity line of toys and apps. This session will tap various industry experts to discuss the hot topic of toddlers and tech—the social permanence of technology, how young children engage with technology, the link between play and learning, and the guardrails for technology in play.

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  1. How is the current trend of toddlers engaging with technology, particularly touch-screens, impacting play, and learning? What future trends are you expecting?
  2. Is the cottage industry of app developers for kids—babies, even—a growing one? What does the future hold for kids and app-play?
  3. How have children’s involvement with technology changed in the past five years? What do you expect to see five years from now?
  4. YouTube is filled with entertaining videos of kids interacting with iPads, iPhones and other technologies— what is the most astonishing thing you’ve observed?
  5. What is your advice for parents when dealing with their children and technology?



Meaghan Jones, Account Supervisor, Weber Shandwick

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