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How Fashion is Hacking Tech

For decades the fashion industry has worked behind a wall of mystery and prestige. Their tools and processes unchanged for ages. Their secrets only revealed to the fashionable few. Fabric, scissors and thread were their mantras, but now as you walk through the halls of any major fashion company you hear words like Fashion Technology, Innovation, 3D, Social, and Wearables. Things are changing. As the industry becomes more global they have embraced technology and are forging ahead and adapting it to their needs. Come hear more about how fashion is hacking tech and how to engage the elusive Fashion Designer.

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  1. What are the emerging technologies within the fashion space?
  2. What challenges do fashion designers/companies face when implementing new technologies?
  3. How do engineers and developers engage in the fashion discussion?



Robin Lewellen, Consultant, 1965 Records

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