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Ahmed Mohamed: A "Trap Transmedia" Project

Ahmed Mohamed is a multimedia project that brings together rap, interactive art, and the fight to end police terror. A 'trap transmedia' project about the 14 year old Muslim student in Texas arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, the project has several parts: a ‘Final Exam’ about victims of police brutality, VR experiences that put viewers in the shoes of victims of police terror, and an original song and music video - accessible by scanning album artwork. At SXSW, join rapper, multimedia artist and organizer, Jam No Peanut, and Ahmed Mohamed himself for an experiential story workshop, that combines the fight against the criminalization of black and brown youth with VR/AR tech!

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  1. How can VR/AR technology be used to create instances of empathy and understanding concerning the black and brown youth cirminalized in this society ?
  2. With youth being gunned down daily, why is trap music a politically appropriate soundtrack and backdrop for a transmedia project on police terror?
  3. How do we create and sustain a culture of revolt against this revolting culture of police terror, mass incarceration, and islamaphobia ?



Jamel Mims, Fresh Prep Program Mgr, Jam No Peanut

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