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School-Wide SEL: Lessons from BCPS & NYC Schools

What if principals could integrate experiential SEL into the culture of their school without increasing their educators’ stress and losing instructional time? Move This World equips educators and students with tools to address their social, emotional and mental wellbeing in an easy to implement and ritualized way. Educators and Administrators from New York City and Baltimore public schools will join Move This World Founder and CEO Sara Potler LaHayne to explore the big challenge: how to change the culture of an entire school.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss lessons learned from integrating ritualized SEL practice into an entire school.
  2. Learn easy-to-apply strategies for a building safe and supported learning environment in your school.
  3. Address the use of technology as a method of distributing SEL in schools and the issue of lack of access.



Claire Wampler, DevCoord, Move This World

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