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Employee experience is the customer experience

When a customer is unhappy, how you respond can make or break their relationship with your brand.

You’ll leave this session knowing how to supercharge your employee experience, boost engagement, and give your people the permission, tools and support to be themselves while representing your brand.

We’ll show you how to:
*         Launch an internal tone of voice in three simple steps
*         Use your brand values to create a voice that’s true to your brand
*         Rally the troops around a new initiative and push back on the skeptics
*         Prove your program’s success every step of the way


  1. How do you launch an internal tone of voice that can make or break a customer's experience with your brand?
  2. How do you reshape your culture through language?
  3. How can you push back on skeptics and rally the troops around a common, customer centric language?



Alex Masters, Sr Strategic Communications Mgr, Electronic Arts

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