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The London Teenage Coder Riot

What if you could teach the world how to code? In a day. Then what if you could harness all that new exuberance to help the world? Steve Henry teaches the world to code in one day. Emma McQueeny runs hack days for teen coders. Jon Burkhart is a newsjacking consultant and social media creative director. All three teamed up to help make a difference. Jon's leafy village got ransacked by teens in the London Riots so he tracked down teens involved in the ruckus on the riot's one year anniversary. With help from Steve and Emma, he taught them a lesson. A coding lesson. For free. Then the teens created topical interactive platforms for charities that were formed in the aftermath of last year's shameful occurrence. They've made an interactive documentary/immersive experience about their little code riot, including special features unveiled for the first time at SXSW.

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  1. Can anyone learn to code?
  2. How can coders give back to their communities?
  3. What is newsjacking and why is it important? How can it help brands and causes?
  4. What are the benefits to people aged 10 to 100 learning to code?
  5. How are hack days being used by brands and causes to spark innovation?



Jon Burkhart, Newsjacking Consultant, Jon Burkhart, Social Media Creative Director

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