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Gender Diverse Sex Ed: Boys, Girls, the Rest of Us

Teaching about sexuality and gender is hard. Kids have more access to more information than ever before, but quantity isn’t quality and much of today’s sex ed. fails our trans and gender diverse youth and families.

In the Internet age the question of what sex information to provide gives way to the question of how we provide it. As educators become savvier about reaching students across platforms new problems emerge around how to create space where real learning can take place.

The solution to these dilemmas is inclusion.

Let’s re-imagine how we talk about gender and sex, becoming more inclusive and allowing people to bring more of who they are to every educational encounter.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be introduced to a conceptual framework for distinguishing diversity from inclusion in the context of sex education.
  2. Get the chance to develop language that fosters more inclusive encounters and resources relevant to their own sex education practice.
  3. The opportunity to develop skills to assess when inclusive practices are missing and how to increase capacity for inclusion in sex education work.



Cory Silverberg, Educator & Author, Seven Stories Press

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