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Adapting a Learn-Play Balance in Classrooms

Learning through play is not a new concept - and is arguably one of the best ways to instill a sense of wonder and engagement in STEM subjects. But rapidly evolving technologies and educational standards make it of paramount importance to scrutinize outdated methods of educating and rebuild the foundation for learning these new skills, with a focus on PLAY.

With this session, we hope to spark a wider conversation on how we can shift our mindset on educational approaches to view these new and emerging technologies - not simply as toys, but as tools for effectively engaging and challenging kids in the classroom.

Learning Objectives

  1. Like work/life balance, with its impact on our productivity and output, learn-play is necessary for kids to keep up with a rapidly evolving world.
  2. Educators are re-imagining the types of tools that engage and challenge kids as they exercise creativity and imagination through play.
  3. New technologies and ideas are changing educational standards and the Core Curriculum, prompting a more innovative approach to education.



Melanie Hess, PR Agency, SutherlandGold

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