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Crowds for Care

Who Controls what new drugs, treatments, and tech will emerge to improve care? Until now, the answer was only giant corporations and government committees because they control the funding. In July 2012, Patients and Doctors began funding the healthcare innovations that they care about through Crowdfunding, creating a huge wave of support that the corporations and government love because it helps them know where to spend their resources and efforts. Suddenly, we as patients and doctors, are in the driver's seat and thousands of us are getting behind the care improvements that we care about. Innovators, Doctors, Patients, Governments, and many of the top healthcare companies in the world are meeting on our crowdfunding portal and asking how they can help or how we can help them drive innovation. Join us for a deep dive into how and why crowdfunding is driving change so rapidly with the Patient, Physician, Corporate, and Government leaders that empower this movement.

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  1. Why is healthcare the perfect place for crowdfunding?
  2. Tell us some of the care innovations that have found success on MedStartr and other crowdfunding platforms?
  3. A typical drug takes over 1 billion dollars to bring to market, 200 million is not uncommon for medical devices, do you expect to crowdfund at those unprecedented levels?
  4. How does the JOBS/ CROWDFUNDER Act affect you? Can people invest for equity via crowdfunding platforms yet?
  5. Where do you see crowdfunding in healthcare going in five years?



Alex Fair, CEO, MedStartr, inc.

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