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How Facebook Custom Actions Grew The Business

Last year, Facebook rolled out the Open Graph (which integrates with people's personal newsfeed, timeline and ticker), allowing brands to connect to a user’s Facebook social graph. In 2012 brands can now create custom actions using any verb and object related to the activity taking place on the app.
We created a custom action for the wishlist feature on our travel website -, which means that when someone logs in using Facebook and creates a wishlist of holidays that they want to take, the action of "wishlisting" a holiday appears in their ticker, timeline and newsfeed - thus spreading the word about our holidays. are a relatively small player in the world of travel with approximately 350,000 unique visitors a month to the site, therefore we had to find a way to stand out from the bigger players that could grow the business. The Facebook app was how we did this.


  1. How Facebook custom actions work to help build your website traffic and business.
  2. How to decide if a Facebook custom actions app is right for your website.
  3. The steps involved in using Facebook custom actions - not the technical steps, but what you need to consider in putting it all together.
  4. Marketing your app. Suggestions and ideas from what we have done to promote the app.
  5. How to keep up the contact with your app users to encourage further use.



Lara Solomon, Head of Communications, Ltd

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