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Playing With Your Own Big Data

When most people think of "big data" they think of large companies with terabytes of data generated by users and machines. They also think dealing with big data is incredibly expensive and something only of use to companies. Every day we continue to increase our own personal data footprints sometimes actively and sometimes without even realizing it. Over the past couple of years the tools to inspect this data have started popping up left and right if you know what to look for.

Big companies are already collecting your data and using it to make more money. Why not collect this data (and more) and use it to your own benefit?

I'll talk about how easy it is for anyone to collect and use this information as well as talk about some of the more interesting things people are already doing with it.

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  1. How do I identify what information is available and useful and what sort of information I should start collecting?
  2. What tools (hardware/software/services/etc) are available? What tools aren't available yet, aka what should someone make?
  3. What are some potential changes personal big data will have on our lives in the future? What impact will it have on things like my health, eating habits, spending, time management, etc?
  4. What are some of the cool things people have already done with this sort of information?
  5. As with everything, aren't there privacy concerns about collecting all this?



Ed Hunsinger, Sr Software Engineer, Splunk

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