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Marketing to Marketing Haters: B2B Communities

Marketers are always striving to better serve their customers, but sometimes they're just too focused on 'marketing'. Communities can be a great way to build better relationships with your customers, delivering content that will help them be successful in their professional careers, while acting on your behalf inside the community and the digital world beyond. Creating a community presents an opportunity to find and build brand advocates, but what are the risks? With the power of a keyboard they could trash your products, or worse, they may not come at all. In this panel, seasoned community marketers will discuss the risks and rewards of investing in communities for B2B organizations.

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  1. What’s in it for my company? How can I sell the idea of community to the C-suite, what’s the business value?
  2. How can I start a B2B community? What do I have to offer, what’s in it for potential members?
  3. How do I continue to grow the community & add value over time? How do I not “burn out or fade away”?



Rachelle McWright, Social Media Community Mgr, Emerson

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