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Making Space for Learning

Amidst an outpouring of new teaching trends & tools within education, there’s a need for learning spaces that adapt, inspire, & endure. This session will explore how maker-oriented environments meet these needs, focusing on how these spaces support hands-on learning, invite experimentation, integrate digital and physical tools, & prepare students for independent & critical thinking. Walking the audience through a handful of educational & institutional projects, SITU will share the design philosophy & processes behind makerspaces, as well as the lessons learned through prototyping & developing maker-related environments at varying scales for diverse groups.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Set the stage for project-based learning: Craft environments that engage users, enable collaboration, and support making for a diverse set of learners
  2. Kit-of-parts design: How hackable, flexible, and modular spaces create dynamic learning environments and foster iterative teaching approaches
  3. Bridge the divide: Creating spaces that integrate technology + foster fluidity between digital and analog experiences



Samantha Kiel, Mktg & Graphics Assoc, SITU Studio

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