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Wherever You Go, There You Are: XBRL Trends

Three years after the SEC mandate that registrants file interactive data, we are beginning to see several trends emerging. The XBRL industry is undergoing a sea change that is forcing significant shifts in how XBRL data is created. As part of that sea change, registrants are taking a proactive role in compliance; from element selection to performing the tagging themselves. Compliance is one thing, using XBRL data in financial decision-making is another. Join Steven Posey as he discusses the state of XBRL data and its likely future.

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  1. How do we assess the quality of XBRL data?
  2. What are the trends in filings telling us about the next evolution?
  3. Can non-public companies benefit from publicly available XBRL data?
  4. Where are the opportunities in XBRL data?
  5. Are registrants using the XBRL data filed with the SEC for financial decision-making?



Steven Posey, Director, Compliance Services, Rivet Software, Inc.

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