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Embracing Tech Innovation in the NBA

The NBA’s growing ownership base of tech execs is bringing a data-driven, “Innovate or Die” approach to basketball. From motion-capture cameras and wearable data collectors to an emphasis on new media platforms, teams are using tech to improve player performance and enhance the fan experience. Broadcasters are embracing tech, too – ESPN’s sports science explains LeBron’s chase-down block, and Shaq and Sir Charles walk the show floor in between TNT’s Inside the NBA Live segments at CES. This panel explores the principles of startup-style sports management and the benefits sports innovation brings spectators.


  1. What are the latest advancements in sports tech used by NBA teams and how are these technologies impacting player performance and fan engagement?
  2. How has social media changed the relationship between fans and teams and what does the next step in fan engagement look like because of technology?
  3. How will new media platforms change the way we view sports?



Rachel Horn, Dir Thought Leadership, Consumer Technology Association

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