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Berlin - A Founders Paradise?

Rocket Internet is vested with a 500 million purse, global enterprises launch incubators in Berlin to harvest a sprawling startup scene on a weekly basis. There are more than 20 universities for programmers, media designers, cooperating with invention hubs like amongst others the Fraunhofer Institute. Office space is plenty and cheap, the city a magnet for creative minds from all over the world, a paradise?
Germany is still considered a copycat sporting territory. Invention and development of particular, original businesses is scarce, so is public funding, tax incentives or low legal barriers for founders.
How do German entrepreneurs cope with this gap, what are the chances and stumbling blocks for foreign companies.
A panel of Berlin based founders will present a big who is who and dos and don'ts for any founder or startup leering at Berlin.


  1. How do I set up my business in Berlin
  2. What are problems I might encounter doing so
  3. what network do exist for founders
  4. Are there tax incentives, public budgets, support?
  5. Where do I acquire staff?



Klaus Gropper, blogger, rent a brain

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