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Evidence Based Pedagogy: Students Write Wikipedia

Through the Wiki Education Foundation, instructors cultivate learning that enriches Wikipedia and universities, creating a world where any learner can contribute to open scholarship and education for all. Rather than writing a term paper that ends up in a drawer, students contribute to a knowledge base the world uses every day. It’s service learning with a lasting impact.

In this session we’ll introduce the audience to the Wiki Education Foundation and how the program works, and present recent research that evaluates and illustrates the efficacy of the program more than the subject of the class: critical information literacy, collaboration, leadership, and effective communication.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. The value of teaching with Wikipedia: Information literacy, collaboration skills development, and metacognition through Wikipedia assignments
  2. Combatting systemic biases through introducing a more diverse topical editorship to Wikipedia by encouraging student editing
  3. How to teach with Wikipedia: best practices and lookouts for instructors, instructional technologists, and curriculum developers



Zachary McDowell, Research Fellow, Wiki Education Foundation/The University of Massachusetts Amherst

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