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Community: Beyond Social Media to Corporate DNA

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that what defines a true community-driven company is not the communications tools it uses or its increasingly vain attempts to control the narrative, but rather its culture, its motives and the relationships it builds with its customers. When social media professionals and marketers struggle to explain themselves, rather than wasting too much time trying to measure social ROI they should focus on affecting their organizations’ understanding of what they should be about: an authentic and collaborative relationship with the community, a concerted effort to listen, an obsession to respond to needs and a resolute dedication to delivering exceptional value.

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  1. What has your company done beyond using social media to put community at the core of its initiatives?
  2. How have you seen the relationship between company and customer evolve and where do you see it going?
  3. How has your community generated meaningful value for both your company and your members?



Tyler Robinson, Head of Community, SKIO Music Inc

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