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Creating Edu Webinars for B2B & B2C Sales

Education companies all face the same challenges - why not learn from each other?

During this business case study, SimpleK12's President pulls back the curtain on the company's #1 sales and marketing secret - webinars. Teachers love them. Admins love them. And so does the bottom line!

No one does more webinars for teachers than SimpleK12 with 500+ LIVE events a year. Learn how to produce high quality content, generate instant revenue, and fill your sales funnel pipeline with highly qualified leads.

See how marketing and sales come together in the form of online, interactive webinars.

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Learning Objectives

  1. How to create compelling content for webinars that teachers and admins will come crawling back for more.
  2. How to fill your webinars to max capacity - including inside tips with Facebook, Text Message Marketing, and email.
  3. How to convert webinar attendees to customers - for both teacher and school purchases.



Lisa Greathouse, Pres, SimpleK12

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