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Engaging Young Padawans Online With Creative Play

In this session, attendees will learn how brand marketers must adapt their techniques to a tech-savvy, rewards-oriented youth audience, otherwise known as “Generation Play.” The youth market craves entertainment experiences that sync with their digital lives and demand for creative play. To illustrate the new dynamic, Lucasfilm, Fuel and Soap will present an in-depth look into the creation of several casual games built in the Star Wars Universe, and hosted at The presentation will explore how Lucasfilm sought to expand creative play and provide kids and families with more open, inventive experiences. Attendees will gain insight into the best ways to reach today’s young consumers through the development of deep, time-intensive digital entertainment experiences, and how they breed resonance and loyalty for brands looking to reach today’s most profit-yielding group.

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  1. What were the goals, success criteria and lessons learned during the development and refinement of the casual games and creative tools developed for kids and families at
  2. What types of entertainment properties resonate best with young audiences? How do you take existing entertainment properties and let youth interact with them?
  3. How can deep, time-intensive gaming experiences be designed to benefit brands? What is their strategic value?
  4. How do the games and creative tools at compare to other online gaming experiences and creative tools? What's the same, what's different?
  5. How did these games and tools affect player retention, overall web traffic, and the larger creative and strategic goals for Lucasfilm?



Ivan Askwith, Sr. Director, Digital Media, Lucasfilm

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