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Becoming Overnight Sensation: 1000 Online Comments

A few years ago, I become a mother and an orphan, almost overnight.

While I sat in a house in the woods, grieving with young children, it felt the way to back to happiness was to create and build -- using technology as my medium. But the industry had shifted radically -- it felt like the train had left the station. And indeed, people told me No, Will Never Happen. That I was a washout at 39. I decided I would make them like me, whether they like it or not.
I decided to attend 100 events and write 1000 online comments.

By the time I was done, I was founder/CEO of a funded startup, was a recognized voice in the industry, and was named one of Forbes Ten Female Entrepreneurs To Watch.

America's corporations have eviscerated mid-level management -- a paradigm shift leaves people age 35+ struggling to build their personal brands online.

This inspirational talk shares proven steps to bring your authentic wisdom into the new social world.

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  1. You have great experience and professional credibility in the offline world, but little to no dynamic online footprint. You fear someone 15 years younger will eat your lunch. Should you be worried?
  2. What prevents folks age 35+ from becoming online content creators?
  3. You want to get known and on the grid. Where do you begin?
  4. How does one's online persona evolve over time?
  5. What holds people back, and how do they blast through those obstacles?



Tereza Nemessanyi, Founder/CEO, Honestly Now Inc.

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