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Louis CK After-Math: Distribution & Ticketing 2.0

When Louis C.K. released his comedy special "Live at the Beacon Theater" by himself on his website for $5, it was little more than a cautiously optimistic experiment. In just 12 days, it reaped more than $1 million. Already among the most respected stand-ups in the country, Louis was suddenly a new media trailblazer, too, by setting a new precedent for how to distribute content. Comics Aziz Ansari and Jim Gaffigan have since similarly released albums online. C.K.'s gambit to sell tickets to his comedy shows himself paid off, too, because after just 45 hours his tour sold 100,000 tickets with $4.5 million in sales. In this panel, LaughStub Founder/CEO Scot Richardson and comic Jim Gaffigan will discuss this breakthrough in direct-to-fan marketing and whether self-distribution is worth the risk vs reward. The conversation will delve deep into the future of distribution and ticketing, and what this means for the entertainment industry as a whole. This is the Louis CK After Math: 2.0.

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  1. Is self distribution worth the risk? Is it smart to bank on the young people who don't typically pay for digital content, especially if you're not a household name?
  2. What is an effective digital marketing strategy for artists to be successful in today's ever-evolving landscape? Can artists, venues and promoters work together to ensure a great fan experience?
  3. Is direct-to-fan marketing the wave of the future? Can you truly rely on fans to become your marketing machine to help sell out shows? What are some best examples of crowd sourcing and fan rewards?
  4. It is easy to book smaller theatres, but how do you realistically negotiate with big venues to do your own ticketing? How does an artist or comic take control of their own data and revenue streams without the help of a big ticketing platform like Ticketmaster? How much are you really saving in the long run?
  5. Can you truly DIY your entire career online? Is it possible to be successful without an agent, promoter, ticketing agency? What are some of the other digital, social and online initiatives of the future we need to be aware of?



Jaime Sarachit, CMO, TicketMob

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