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How to Make Cool Hardware Using BeagleBone

The mobile phone industry evolved to put the power of a computer into consumers’ hands. While this cutting-edge technology changed the landscape, it was not accessible to developers outside of the multi-billion dollar industry. With the introduction of the BeagleBoard open-source development platform, that changed. For the first time, developers had access to an open hardware platform, powered by an ARM core.
Jason Kridner, a co-founder of, will lead a panel discussion of hobbyists and developers who leverage an open-source platform to create innovative products like underwater robot that will change ocean exploration (OpenROV), sensor-equipped platforms that will enhance your daily life (Ninja Blocks) and a camera that will alter how you remember a moment (Descriptive Camera). The panel will include experts who can provide key insight and tips on developing hardware and using software like Android and Ubunto.

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  1. What are the details and benefits of open-source software and hardware?
  2. How do you create an integrated development environment?
  3. How do you install drivers and control the on-board LED?
  4. What are the options for open-source hardware?
  5. What is BeagleBone?



Maemalynn Meanor, Senior Manager, GolinHarris for Texas Instruments

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