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Something, Something ... Social Local Mobile

Social local mobile ... you may be able to say it five times real fast, but can you make it happen? Join in an engaging conversation with product, technology and promotion leads from PBS Interactive and local stations to discuss what it really means to be local in a mobile world. Hear about SoLoMo adventures with household content names like Downton Abbey, as well as unsung stories from around PBS' nationwide network of community-engaging stations. Share your thoughts for how it should be done, and hear new ideas about how to get it done.

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  1. What makes for the best social, local, mobile experiences?
  2. What are the inherent challenges in creating social, local, mobile content experiences?
  3. What is the most important part of the SoLoMo equation...the social, the local or the mobile?
  4. Can you go it alone or is there safety in numbers?
  5. Is a SoLoMo experience relevant to how people consume content today?



Maximilian Duke, Sr. Manager, Station Products & Innovation, PBS, PBS

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